Microsoft Retail Management System
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Microsoft Retail Management System

Microsoft Retail Management System offers affordable, flexible and clear-cut solutions designed to integrate and adapt to your own retail needs. The retail environment thrives on exemplary service and a competitive edge, but also requires tight control over business processes. This is where Microsoft Retail Management System comes into play, making the key elements work together to help you retain - and grow - your market share.

System Structure

Microsoft Retail Management System is made up of two compatible solutions, Store Operations and Headquarters. Together they can help you build a better business, one that's more efficient and more profitable.

Store Operations

Store Operations is a complete point-of-sale and retail management solution for individual stores, and often runs as a stand-alone application. It enables you to track and expedite point-of-sale business processes.


Headquarters allows managers at the head office of a multi-store business or chain to gather data from all their stores so they can have a complete view of the business.

Selection of Features

  • Sale by product code, bar code, description or alias. Multiple search facilities for products, customers and suppliers. Product history. Extended description
  • Label printing facility / Bar Code printing
  • Taking customer details including link to the Royal Mail Post Code database
  • Cash and Account customers. Customer purchase history
  • Tele-Sales operations, Quotations. Repairs / Work Order processing / Customer deposit
  • Selling Price re-calculation. Promotional Pricing. Discounting
  • Fashion Matrix available - Size, Colour, Style
  • Commission reporting for Sales Reps
  • Many in-built reports as well as Link to Excel and Crystal
  • Link with Accounting systems such as Sage, Access Accounts and Tetra
  • Multiple tender types. Inventory control including goods-in-transit
  • Head-Office enterprise control, including inter-store transfers and ordering
  • Purchase Ordering, store and enterprise levels
  • Fully Windows-based and open system using standard Microsoft technology
  • Serial number / Warranty tracking. Picture/Image display including product notes
  • Vat categorization including second-hand items